As often happens, with the passing of both my parents, my siblings and I unveiled the hidden Windows of Time archived for decades in my parents attic.  As Walker Evans writes, "suddenly there is a difference between a quaint evocation of the past and an open window looking straight down a stack of decades."

My connection to the people in the photographs haunted me as I came out of the darkroom into the digital world of possibilities.  I feel as photographers, we are always searching for our intent as we peel off the layers of our lives to make sense of them.  By compositing these treasures with my own photographs, I am attempting to merge our worlds.

While working on a project for a History of Photography class with Jack Welpott at San Francisco State, my mother and I took an old photo album of my grandmother's to her surviving sister.  I will always remember her words as she closed the album. "Well, well, I was wondering what happened to these, if they were burned up or what.  I'm glad they're not."

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